Ukulele Tutorials for Indian Songs!

# What is this website?

This is a website for Ukulele players featuring tutorials for Indian Songs.

This site was inspired by UkeAlong and was created to be able to make it easy to find tutorials for Indian songs, and to make it easy to play along and learn from them. The site makes it easy to search and filter for songs, and also displays the Chord fingerings for each songs, and allow looping over specific sections of the videos.

# Who creates these video tutorials?

These videos are aggregated from several different YouTube Channels/playlists. You can find a list of them in the channels section on the index page.

# Who maintains this website?

This website was created and is maintained by punchagan along with some friends. I have recently started learning to play the Ukulele, and created this site to make the process of finding new songs to learn, and the process of learning them slightly easier for myself. If you find this website useful, feel free to let me know via twitter or this form. Do let your Ukulele playing friends know about it, too!

# How can I help with adding new content to the website?

We currently do not have a streamlined process for letting users help us, but feel free to get in touch with us, using this form.

# How are these tutorials aggregated?

I maintain a list of YouTube channels that have Indian Ukulele Song Tutorials. Once or Twice a week, I run a script that uses youtube-dl to "scrape" the metadata for videos from these channels.

The video descriptions and other metadata do not contain all the metadata required to add a video onto this site - for example, the actual chords used, artist information, start/end timestamps for the actual play-along for the song. I spend some time every week manually curating newly "scraped" videos, and adding the required metadata to them, and publishing them onto the site.

You can find a link to the code for generating this site here

# Why does a song on a channel not appear on this site?

The video probably hasn't yet been manually processed to add the required metadata. It should be out there in a few weeks or so, hopefully. If you'd like the video to appear quicker, feel free to submit metadata for the song using this form.

# How can I submit requests for aggregating new YouTube Channels?

Please submit information about the new channel using this form.

# How can I submit requests for tutorials on specific songs?

You should get in touch with one of the channels from where we aggregate, and request them to do a tutorial for a song. There is no way to request for new song tutorials on this site, currently.

# I saved my favourites on my phone. How do I see them on my desktop?

This website does not have a "backend" and does not store any user information about the users. All your favorites are saved in your browser's local storage. You can only see them on the browser that you saved them in.

# What technologies do you use to create this website?

The song metadata is collected using youtube-dl. I use Pandas to process and/or create JSONs and CSV files. The front-end/UI for the site is built using Next.js. The site is served as a static site using next export. The search functionality is built using React InstantSearch by Algolia.

The chord diagrams are generated using the two wonderful packages by David Rubert chords-db and react-chords.

# Can you add a page with all the chord diagrams?

You can find a page here created using chords-db and react-chords. If you are using a Baritone Ukulele, you can see the Guitar chord shapes, and ignore the top two strings. This site also generates the diagrams for Baritone Ukulele songs, using this technique.

# I am a beginner/intermediate Ukulele player who can play a few chords and a few songs. Do you have any tips that you wish someone told you when you started?

I really like these 12 tips in this video. My top 5 tips from this video are:

Tip #12
Sleep – It helps consolidate learning
Tip #9
Promise yourself to practice 5 minutes every day
Tip #1
Learn complete songs that you actually love!
Tip #4
Learn to play in time
Tip #11
Practice playing in the dark